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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Classroom Policies

Dear Parents: I would like to take this opportunity to welcome your child to my class this year. So that there are NO misconceptions, I request that you and your child read and discuss the following policies. ________________________________________ Supplies ****Students are expected to have all supplies with them as well as any homework that was assigned. Having these things “in my locker” means that the student is unprepared and the student will receive a zero grade for the day.**** Homework There will be homework almost every day. Assignments are posted on the chalkboard and my webpage. Students are required to write the assignment in their school agendas. To receive a ‘4’ out of ‘4’ students must complete the assignment according to the homework rubric. Parent/Teacher Communication I will make sure students write their assignment in their school agendas. If you have any questions about an assignment check there first. You will be notified if students are missing several assignments. Please call or write a note in the agenda if you have any questions. If you have an email address please write it on the bottom of this letter if you would like emails from me. Students should be working on schoolwork about 70 minutes per night to be successful in seventh grade. Students should be working on schoolwork about 80 minutes per night to be successful in eighth grade. Grades Homework & classwork count 1/3 Quizzes & notebooks count 1/3 Tests, projects, & CLASS PARTICIPATION count 1/3 Attendance Students are expected to be ON TIME for class. I follow the school attendance policy, so please make sure you read it! Discipline I will follow these rules when dealing with students: 1) ONE warning 2) “Lunch Seminar” (Retraining) with me 3) In-class plan 4) Alternative Learning Center (removal from class) ****Severe clause may be imposed for repetition of the same behavior or extreme behavior (verbal or physical, etc.) Other  Students will not be allowed to have gum, candy, or soda in class.  Water is not only encouraged, but I feel it is a must!  No hats in class! If I have to ask a student to remove his/her hat I will confiscate the hat for the rest of the day.  Electronic devices are not allowed (mp3 players, cell phones, games, etc.). If I see them I will confiscate them for the rest of the day. (Cell phones must be placed in the bin at the front of the room during class.)  Any other work done during my class that is not assigned by me will be confiscated. I am anticipating a successful year with you, your child, and me all pulling together toward a common goal of learning. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or any problems arise. Sincerely, Mrs. Julie Madlin P.S. Check out my page on the School’s website for additional information! Parent signature:_________________________________ Parent email: ___________________________________ Student signature: _______________________________ Is there anything you think I need to know about your child? Please write it below or email me. Thanks!

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