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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Reconstruction Introduction

I like to introduce students to Reconstruction by playing a song called "I'm a Good Ole Rebel" and discussing the lyrics with them. This year I'm dividing students into groups and asking them to answer these questions: 1. How does this song make you feel? 2. What idea is the song writer concerned about? 3. What are the most important words in the song? Why? 4. How do you connect with the song? Lyrics are provided to each student. With the protests over Confederate statues I'm also going to read and discuss an article in Junior Scholastic with students about the topic. This lesson was designed for 8th graders. #heuveltonbulldogfamily #Reconstruction #Confederatemonuments

Monday, April 25, 2016

Found Poems

With all of the state testing lately, I decided to do something with students that was more creative. Seventh and eighth graders wrote poems based on the content we were learning. Seventh graders wrote about the War of 1812. Eighth graders created poems about the 1920s. I gave students a rubric and showed examples of what found poems could look like. We worked on these poems for three days in both English and Social Studies. One huge concern of students was writing the poem. We heard a lot of "I can't write poems", but we assured students that poems don't have to rhyme. They were free to write any kind of poem they liked. We found that they worked very hard and really took pride in their work.

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